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INTERVIEW: K-pop group EPEX talks about the recent comeback “BIPOLAR: Pt.2 Prelude of Love”



EPEX!Talented, incredible, unique! These are the words to define EPEX.

The South Korean boy group is becoming more and more successful and gaining fans around the world. With their unique talent and concept, they spoke with BreakTudo.

EPEX is a boy group under C9 Entertainment. Previously, they were known as C9ROOKIES and now, as EPEX, the group consists of eight members: Wish, Keum, MU, A-Min, Baekseung, Ayden, Yewang and Jeff. They had their official debut on June 2021 with the EP “BIPOLAR Pt.1”.

When the group completed the 50th day since debut, they announced the official fandom name: ZENITH! They made the announcement to their fans on a special Naver V Live broadcast.

The member Wish said that the group and fans will be together forever. After, the official accounts of the group made the formal announcement, check the tweet below:

Recently, the group released their new comeback, titled “BIPOLAR: Pt. 2”, along with the MV for Do 4 Me. This MV is amazing, we can see the new concept of EPEX but we still can notice the essence of the beginning (debut) is still present.

BreakTudo had the honor in interview the group and you can check the full interview below. We really hope can connect the fans from South America with EPEX.

Let’s start talking about the group today, I mean, what is the biggest difference that you guys noticed since the beginning of the group, until now?

WISH: I think the big difference is that I can feel the love that ZENITH gives me. At the beginning of my debut, I was just amazed that there were fans. Now, I feel very reassured because I feel that I am doing EPEX activities not only with the 8 of us, but together with ZENITH.

AYDEN: The disappearance of day and night seems to have changed as well. In particular, from the period of preparing for the comeback, during the promotion period, if I close my eyes for a while and open them, it is the next day. I think it’s a happy thing to be busy, so I’m trying to enjoy my busy life a little more!

In the trainee days, what were your motivations for not giving up?

A-MIN: Not only me, but all of the members worked hard together since we were trainees, so we were able to complete ourselves as a group. I think the fact that I have 7 friends with the same dream right next to me was a big driving force. Without the members, there would have been a moment when I wanted to give up.

KEUM: Also, all of the members, including myself, had confidence in our dreams. We all shared the great belief that we can do well, and we will definitely do it! If we continue to promote without losing that conviction, I think we will be able to achieve our goals step by step.

How did you feel when you heard Do 4 Me for the first time? As it was a big change in concept compared to the debut.

YEWANG: It was a performance with a completely different atmosphere from “Lock Down”, so I was very excited. It was the first time we showed ZENITH to promote with a refreshing concept, so I also wanted to have a comeback as soon as possible.

MU: From the moment I heard the guide song, I thought the funky groove was special. I remember being excited throughout the preparation period because I wondered what it would be like to interpret this song in our own colors.

I followed your latest release and I have to say I am obsessed with Breathtaking. But if you could pick your favorite song from this new project, which song would it be and why?

JEFF: I also like “Breathtaking”, which is also our coupling song. From the first time I heard it, I liked the melody and the atmosphere of the song. The performance came out really well, so I hope you can check out our performance stage as well.

KEUM: YEWANG and I like the last track “Traveller” the most. The lyrics, ‘Let’s walk together’, are really warm, so I really want to sing to our fans in this winter.

BAEKSEUNG: WISH, MU, A-MIN, AYDEN and I like the “Love Virus” the most! I like all the songs on the album, so my favorite song changes every day, but “Love Virus” is very popular among us these days.

Between your debut and comeback, what was your favorite concept?

JEFF: It may sound obvious when I say this, but I like all the concepts we did right now. As an idol group, I have a strong desire to try all the concepts that I can do at least once. If you keep watching us in the future, you will be able to see EPEX that continues to grow with various concepts!

Which artist/group would you like to collaborate with?

MU: I want to try collaborating with CIX seniors who are in the same agency. Watching our seniors right next to me gives me a lot of stimulation, and I think we can grow even more. And since they already have experience digesting various concepts, I think they will be able to better understand what we lack of!

YEWANG: There are so many seniors I want to work with. Obviously, these kinds of experience will be a good foundation for our development. We are continuing our efforts so that we can become a group that seniors will call for us to collaborate together someday!

What are the goals for the group in the future?

JEFF: It may seem obvious, but our goal is to have an EPEX solo concert with ZENITH! That’s why I’m also hoping that COVID-19 will be a little more alleviated as soon as possible. I hope that the day when I can perform on stage while watching ZENITH who have filled the audience seats will come soon.

BAEKSEUNG: I want to do a solo concert not only in Korea but also abroad. ZENITH who talk to us through social media and comments or send us fan letters are all living in different countries. Someday I will go to all countries to greet you in person, so please wait a little bit!

Your MV “Lock Down” is now with more than 30 million views on youtube in just 4 months. How did you feel when you noticed what your fans did?

AYDEN: I think it’s really undeserved love. As much as I was grateful, my will to work harder was also fired up. So, I think I thought a lot more while preparing for this comeback. I got a lot of greed to show a good side to the ZENITH who gives me a lot of love.

A-MIN: For ZENITH, I think the most important thing is to keep working hard and developing. I think ZENITH will be proud of showing that we never stop growing both musically and personally. Thank you for continuing to be with us for 5 months, and we will do better in the future, ZENITH!

What are your hidden talents? Could you tell us?

YEWANG: I like cartoons very much, and I also like to draw. I’ll try to draw a cartoon with fans someday~

AYDEN: In fact, I can confidently say that I am the best at jumping rope among the members! It’s been my special talent since I was little.

I think you guys know you have a lot of fans here in South America, especially in Brazil, right? How do you feel knowing that fans from literally another side of the world are supporting each of your dreams? Would you like to say something to them?

WISH: Even though we are far apart, I think our hearts are connected! I feel how much they love and support us every day. We will continue to work hard to repay that feeling, so look forward to the day when we will meet someday.

BAEKSEUNG: It’s all thanks to you that we are able to achieve my dream of debuting and even be able to do promotions for my second album like this! We will continue to do our best to reach faraway Brazil through EPEX’s own music. Thank you for always loving us.

In the future, what kind of new concept would you like to explore?

KEUM: There are so many concepts I want to try. If I had to pick one, I would like to try a fatal and rough concept that can show the charm of EPEX in reverse. Our EPEX members are an infinitely attractive group that can handle the darkness of “Lock Down” and the cuteness of “Do 4 ME” well.

Be sure to follow EPEX and check their last project!

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