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INTERVIEW: DreamNote talks about “Dreams Alive” and answer questions from Brazilian fans





DreamNote just did their comeback and you can watch the new music video “GHOST”, bellow.


DreamNote is the first girl group formed by iMe KOREA. The girls debuted on November, 2018 with their first single album [Dreamlike]. The team name, DreamNote, is a combination of the word “dream”, which also means ‘give’ in Korean pronunciation, and “note”, referring to ‘place where dreams happen’. As the meaning of their name, DreamNote would always give hope to the public and fans, and achieve dreams together.

After a long hiatus, DreamNote has finally returned with their long-awaited fourth single album, [Dreams Alive]. This album will be a starting point where the six girls unveil their new sides, breaking away from the young and lovely girls they used to be before. [Dreams Alive] would show the ongoing maturity of DreamNote, discovering the hidden persona of the members.

Listening to the group’s previous songs and comparing it to the new comeback, we can really notice the evolution within the group. We can feel connected and songs can be heard at various events, like parties with friends or alone at home.


The group is gaining fans around the world, who are supporting this comeback, including in Brazil.

One fact really important to say, is that DreamNote debuted on this week’s World Digital Song Sales (billboard charts) on #10, with Ghost.


BreakTudo had the opportunity to interview the girls and you can read it bellow!

EN: What’s up, DreamNote! First of all, it is an honor to talk to you. BreakTudo and I really respect you and your projects. Personally, I listened to Dreams Alive and I have to say I loved it! Let’s start talking about your career today, I mean, what is the biggest difference that you girls noticed since the beginning of your career, until now?

– Youi: Well, I think the biggest difference is our improvement. We improved our dancing, singing and performing on stage, for sure. We also developed gumption, skills to look better on camera, and ability to be more friendly with our fans.  

EN: How does it feel to change your concept after a while?

 – Miso: We were initially surprised by the title track, since its mood sounded different from our previous tracks. But we definitely loved the song, and were excited to try a fresh concept. We enjoyed preparing for the comeback- I even felt that our dance practice went over so quickly. We could not wait to show what we prepared to Pages.

EN: If you could only choose one song for the rest of your lives, including ‘Dreams Alive’, which song would it be and why?

– Lara: I would choose GHOST, the title track of this album! It would show the unexpected new colors of DreamNote. I loved GHOST so much that I even memorized the gestures of other members’ parts.


EN: In the future, what kind of new concept would you like to explore?

– Sumin: I want to try a hip-hop style concept, since I’m personally into hip-hop dance.

EN: Girls, how are you feeling having a comeback after such a long time? Did you find something difficult in the preparation of the album?

– Lara: We are so happy and excited to show our new music and performance to all Pages who have waited for us. In terms of difficulties, the performance became much more powerful than previous albums. Thus we found it physically tough to prepare.

EN: Which artist/group would you like to collaborate with?

– Eunjo: I would love to collaborate with DAY6, since they are the group that I like and respect so much! Also, I love Olivia Rodrigo’s music, so would love to take a chance to collaborate with her.

EN: What are your goals for the group in the future?

 – Boni: We want to top the music charts, not only in Korea but also overseas. Furthermore, we want to release our studio album, and do a world tour!

EN: About Halloween, did something funny happen to you all some years ago? The fans are asking some stories about this moment in your lives.  

– Sumin: I remember my teacher telling the classmates to bring candies to school. So we brought bags full of candies and shared them in class! I had a sweet memory.

EN: What does the group know about Brazilian fans? Do you think it’s possible the group can do a concert here?

 – Eunjo: We are deeply thankful to Brazilian Pages! We appreciate your support via various media, such as V-app and Tik Tok. I’m pretty sure we could meet someday, as long as you guys keep loving us! We really want to meet you in Brazil. Let’s wait for that day!

EN: Many fans asked BreakTudo to tell you this: “Girls, we are very proud of you and the trajectories you are following. Thank you for being my favorite group and please, feel our energy coming. Brazil loves you forever and ever”. Would you like to answer this?

– Youi: We have received a lot of support from Brazilian fans since our debut. To our dear Pages in Brazil, who constantly root for us from far away! We are so happy and grateful to receive lots of love and energy from you. We promise to go meet you guys someday!

That was our interview with the group. Please support DreamNote as the girls are very talented. You can find the group bellow:

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