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INTERVIEW: 8TURN talks about their 1st mini album ‘8TURNRISE’



Reprodução/Twitter @8TURN_Official

The release of their 1st mini album ‘8TURNRISE’ marks the beginning of everything. The songs have gained a totally innovative concept, and the title song carries a hip-hop beat, which shows all the individuality and specialties that the group has in dance, vocals and rhythms that make 8TURN unique.
8TURN came to change the scenario of the fourth generation of K-Pop, with impact and positivity, they demonstrated that the beginning of the group marks the first step of a successful career. The group demonstrates a captivating harmony, which has won thousands of fans around the world.

8TURN is a new group and your debut is getting attention due to your vocals, visuals and dancing. Your debut album ‘8TURNRISE’ debuted with 5 harmonizing tracks. Could the group start this interview talking about how the process of creating this album was?

MYUNG HO: After first hearing the title song, I thought to myself, “wow.. that’s a complicated song..”. The recording process had a lot of twists and turns, however all the members practiced their assigned parts very hard, and we were able to complete the recording in 4 separate recording sessions. Our choreography teacher first got the sample choreography, then slightly fixed the details and gave us choreography lessons. We all tried very hard, night and day, to perfect even the slightest details of the dance moves. The choreography tends to change even at the last minute, so I remember practicing the moves until the last minute. All of us created our own gestures ourselves, so please look forward to it!

HAE MIN: I heard that the production team started preparing for the music video for the title song 3 months before the shoot. With the overall atmosphere of the song, and the concept of our team, the music video director was inspired to create a story, which he really worked hard to fit into a 3-minute video. Thanks to the effort, I think the end result came out with such an impact. I just want to say thank you so much to the director!

In the trainee days, what were your motivations for not giving up?

YOON SUNG: There were moments when I felt exhausted, but I always tried to stay strong and control my mental state by doing a recap of why I’m here, and why I started all of this in the first place! The members stayed by my side along the way as well, which also motivated me to not give up.

KYUNG MIN: All the support and energy the members gave me really helped me through the trainee period. Also, even before our debut, the overwhelming amounts of love and support from our fans through our social media and YouTube really helped.

8TURN is a group that demonstrates power, harmony and charisma. For you, what makes the group so special?

MIN HO: As mentioned in the question, I believe that the group is special because each members’ different charms come together very harmoniously.

YUN GYU: The fact that each of the members have different characteristics & charms!

I listened to ‘8TURNRISE’ and the project is amazing. I was also able to observe very positive feedback from the fans. Could you tell us which song on the album has special meaning for you and why?

YOON SUNG: My favorite song is the 4th track of the album ‘Say My Name’! It’s because I love the bouncy and refreshing vibe of the song, and it delivers the charming voices of the members very well!

JAE YUN: I think I’m fond of the title song ‘TIC TAC’ the most. Since it’s our first title song, my mind leans towards the song, and it’s also the song that I’m most concerned about. The first song we ever recorded as a group was ‘TIC TAC’ and through facing challenges and hardships during the process, all of us learned and grew more and more overtime. We worked with various directors in various studio locations to maximize the quality. We were kind of lost during the recording process, but I am very satisfied with the overall result.

What was the best moment you had while recording ‘TIC TAC’? Did something funny happen or something that members will never forget?

HAE MIN: The members fighting for their lives trying to stay awake during the music video shoot is the most memorable moment. We were always so busy that we didn’t get enough sleep, so it was funny watching the members gathered up in front of the heater and taking a quick nap. I was later told that I used to fall asleep as soon as I sat down on the ground, and I thought it was very interesting to hear.

YUN GYU: There is a music video scene where we ride a bus to travel to reality, and in order to create a motion of the bus moving side to side, the staff members had to push the bus back and forth! I felt very thankful for their effort, but at the same time the whole situation seemed very funny!

What can we expect from 8TURN in 2023?

YOON SUNG: Our plan for 2023 is to sprint forward and work even harder to make this year 8TURN’s year! We will show you various sides of us through a variety of contents, so please look forward to our journey!

YUN GYU: From start to the end of 2023, we will continuously show you new looks and our growth, and we will become the most charming group for you! So please look forward to us!

What kind of message would the group like to transmit to fans around the world?

JAE YUN: to all the international fans out there, we would like to express how thankful we are for all the love and endless support you guys have sent us regarding our debut. The support you guys gave us prior to our debut really helped us get through the hardships we faced during the debut progress. And because of that, we were able to smile at the end of the day and come to you guys with our debut album [8TURNRISE]. it’s only the beginning for 8TURN, so sit tight and enjoy this hell of a ride we have prepared. Love you.

I think you know you have a lot of fans here in South America, especially in Brazil, right? How do you feel knowing that fans from literally another side of the world are supporting each of your dreams? Would you like to say something to them?

MYUNG HO: Thank you for supporting us, even from far away! We can’t wait to see you!

JAE YUN: To be frank, I still can’t believe it to this day, haha. No, really it’s quite hard to wrap my head around the fact that there are actual people on the opposite side of the world supporting me and my team. Whoever you are, wherever you are, know that your presence is appreciated by the 8 of us and you guys mean so much. Thank you and love you.

MIN HO: We will work harder until we can go on an international tour to meet you guys, so please look forward to our journey. Thank you so much for sending support from far away.

YOON SUNG: I haven’t met you guys in person yet, but all the cheers and support from afar gives us so much energy, and I can’t wait to do a concert in Brazil!! Thank you always and I love you!

HAE MIN: Although we can’t meet each other instantly, all the members will do their very best to meet you all in Brazil!

KYUNG MIN: All of us have a big desire to meet the fans from all over the globe and entertain them through our performances. Please know that your support means everything to us!

YUN GYU: Thank you for your huge support, even from far away!! Although we can’t see each other right now, I hope our energy reaches you all the way to Brazil! I love you!!

SEUNG HEON: At first, I couldn’t believe we were getting support all the way from Brazil, but now that I have met you guys, I’m starting to realize how lucky I am. Your support motivates us to keep moving forward! Thank you and I love you.